2018 Lenten-Easter Brochure

2018 Easter Brochure

2018 Lenten Fundraiser Calendar

2018 Mission and Service Lenten Calendar Fundraiser

2017 Vacation Bible School

2017 Vacation Bible School

“All You Need is Love”!! This was proven this week when 19 children were led in songs, Bible stories and playtime by 5 leaders from SALT of Riverside United Church, and 3 young people from Strathroy United Church. As well, there were 3 adult supervisors (Strathroy United members) in different capacities. Many thanks to the SALT team, to those who volunteered their time to plan and participate in the program,…Keep Reading

Going through the gates: May 28, 2017

Going through the gates: May 28, 2017

A Strathroy United Church tradition since the 1920’s. Open the Gates Open the gates for the children today Help them to walk in the love lighted way. Welcome each one to our Sunday school class. Open the gates wide and pray as they pass. Chorus Open the gates and welcome them all, Each new beginner so precious, so small. Open the gates open the gates, the gates of love and…Keep Reading

Anniversary Sunday: Thank you to Retiring Sunday School Teachers

Anniversary Sunday:  Thank you to Retiring Sunday School Teachers


Governance Model: June 14, 2015

Governance Model June 14, 2015

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