General Fund: Its September and we are back to our normal
services in the Sanctuary.

Please note that if you wish to join PAR(pre authorized
remittance) you can do so at any time. pamphlets are avaiable
at the back of the sanctuary or from Dianne in the office.

The following numbers reflect our financial statement at the end
of June, 2017.

Mission and Service Fund: $9,509 with a goal of $20,000 for
2017. This fund helps people locally and abroad in a vast array
of opportunities. When there is a disaster in Canada or abroad
this fund ensures that money is sent immediately to one of our
United Church affiliates in the location of the disaster.

Special Project: Our Special Project Fund is now $3,333.
Which includes weekly givings and a carryover from 2016. At
this time we do not have a specific Special Project named.

Compassionate Fund: Our economy and the cost of food
means more assistance is asked for at our doors each week. If
you wish to help with this fund that reaches out to our
community in the form of Food Basic Cards please do.

Our Compassionate Fund at this time is $3,386.00.

In October, November and December cards will be handed out
on the 2nd and 3rd Thursday of the month from 9-12. The
cards will also be given out in January, February and March on
similar dates and times as per our revised Compassionate Fund

Church Mission Fund: This fund is designated to our
Hospitality Meal costs for 2017. It is another opportunity to help
those in our local community by providing a nice meal and
fellowship on the fourth Thursday of each month.