Weekly Announcements: October 8, 2016

Good Afternoon Everyone

Pumpkins, Colorful, Autumn, DecorationIt has been a wonderfully busy week here at the church as the Roast Beef dinner plans progress and tickets are sold.

We are also encouraging food stuffs for our  local foodbanks during the month of October.

If you have any decorations for Thanksgiving/flowers/quilts/vegetables/fruits etc. there is still time to bring them to the church tomorrow am. and if you have some time I am sure Tina would welcome some help in decorating the sanctuary. The vegetables and fruits that are brought in will also go to our Food banks.

Wishing all of you a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving,



Community Life Team         Wednesday, October 25, 11 am

Congregational Life Team     Sunday, November 5, 11:30

Church Council                          Tuesday, November 14, 6:30


Family Prayers

This Sunday we ask you to pray for the ministry of Metropolitan United Church

Please keep the following people in your thoughts and prayers:

Doris Robotham, Karyn Olsen, and Rob Wark.

May those unnamed yet in our hearts experience the presence of God’s grace.

Note: Pastoral Care is important. Please contact the church office if you are going into hospital or if you or a family member are needing Pastoral Care. Your name will not be in the bulletin unless we have permission from you to do so. We wish to offer Pastoral Care support and at the same time respect your confidentiality.                                        



Face book

Administrators: Looking for 1 more person  willing to be an administrator for our Strathroy United Church Facebook page and groups.  You would be in charge of removing comments or posts that would not be suitable to our site or beliefs. You are also able to invite and approve members.  Please contact Tina Zimmermann for more info.

We are excited that we have set up our Strathroy United Church’s Page and Group.  Our page is a public forum to inform our community of what we are all about and of community, national needs.  Our group is private for our members to receive updates on events, meetings, immediate needs.  Our group is for all members to share information.  Please do not post items of a personal nature, re: health, birth, death.  More updates to come.


– Bulletin Boards:

The Community Life Team is looking for someone to help them keep the bulletin boards of the church updated.  Letters, decorations and posters are available, as well as assistance from the team members if needed. We are asking for about two hours of your time each Season. (IE – Fall, Christmas, Spring and Summer).  If you are creative and would like to contribute to our church in this way, please speak to Tina Zimmermann or anyone on the Community Life Team.

Image result for Church grocery drive             FOOD DRIVE – to give thanks …

Congregational & Community Life Teams  are requesting food items to be collected each Sunday, for the month of October this year. Let’s see how many we can accumulate in the Sanctuary for the month and be thankful with our giving’s. We are  collecting Beans of all types, Cake & Muffin mix, boxes of Scallop Potatoes, Pasta Sauce, Eggs, Cookies, Crackers, Kraft Dinner,


Pancake   mix, Syrup, Cereal, Canned Fruit, Juice Boxes, Lunch Snacks, Rice, Sauce mixes, Soup, Bread, Meat. Items will be distributed to Salvation Army and WRRC. Many thanks to all for your support. Thank you to Ken Jolliffe in delivering these items.

   Let’s go Strathroy United !!!!!!!!!!!!


Congregational Life Team

Child and Youth Ministry Leadership

Strathroy United Church is looking for a Child and Youth Leader to join us in providing leadership and faith to our youth from ages 0-18 years. At this time it would be approximately 8-10 hours per month. Our Sunday School at this time is small and we are looking to grow. We are forming a Youth Group in September and this is new to our church. We need faith, energy and enthusiasm. Is that you?

Please contact us with your resume at:

            myemail@mlharris.ca  or             minister@strathroyunitedchurch.ca


-Prayer Circle:

Rev. Abiel would like to hear from you if you feel called to the ministry of prayer. He is planning to have a weekly prayer group beginning in September. Please contact Dianne at the office if you wish to participate.  



Ø  Minutes for Teams and Council

Ø  United Church news letters

Ø  Governance Chart

Ø  TRIVIA NIGHT: St. Andrews Westminster on

Saturday, October 21st at the Belmont Community Centre.

Numerous Craft events and Dinners …Please check the board for full information . Also note that These Days and the Observer are also available.