Weekly Announcements: January 14, 2018

Weekly Announcements:  January 14, 2018

Property Team:

          Pancake Supper

Needed: A coordinator for the Pancake supper.

A full package of details is available from the office. It will be much appreciated if you can help.

Contact People: Ian Carter or Jenn Steele.



Minister:                                           Rev. Dr. Abiel T. Khalema

minister@strathroyunitedchurch.ca          519-245-0276

Office Administrator:                                            Dianne Dixon

office@strathroyunitedchurch.ca                     519-245-0276

Music Director:  Andy Cloutier  519-854-8574

Custodian:                                                                John Larocque


Webmaster:  www.strathroyunitedchurch.ca       Debra Porte       Debbie.porte@hotmail.ca


Family Prayers

This Sunday we ask you to pray for the ministry of Thorndale Pastoral Charge, consisting of Thorndale and Zion United Churches

Note: Pastoral Care is important. Please contact the church office if you are going into hospital or if you or a family member are needing Pastoral Care. Your name will not be in the bulletin unless we have permission from you to do so. We wish to offer Pastoral Care support  and at the same time respect your confidentiality.     



Congregational Life Team    Sunday, January 14 at 11:15

Church Council                   Tuesday, January 16, at 6:30 pm



New Year Blessings to all!