Weekly Announcements: May 27, 2018

Welcome to Strathroy

United Church

We are happy to have you with us this morning. If you are new to our church please feel free to ask our Ushers any questions about our worship service and facility.

          Please stay for a brief Congregational Meeting following our service this morning to approve the Vacancy Search Team.


Coffee and Refreshment Times– Please join us for coffee at the back of the sanctuary before, and down in the Golden Jubilee Room following our service


Infant Nursery– We are happy to provide a Nursery with a sink, children’s table, chairs, play picnic tables, toys and an adult rocking chair. This room has audio from the church service provided. Parents, Grand Parents and visitors are asked to be responsible for themselves and their children.


Peace Candles – If you are a visitor with us this morning there are small votive candles available at the front of the sanctuary for you to take back to your home church.



Property Team                                TUES. JUNE 5th at 7 PM

CHURCH COUNCIL                                     TUES. JUNE 12 AT 7PM

Community Life Team                    TUES. JUNE 12 at 11 AM

Spring and Summer Office Hours

The church office will be open:

Monday to Thursday – 9-4   May &June

Tuesday to Thursday -9-4    July & August


Prayer Circle Box

The Prayer circle group have supplied Prayer Request Cards that are completely confidential. At the back of the sanctuary you will find a locked wooden box with a slot for cards.                


Family Prayers

This Sunday we ask you to pray for the ministry of Calvary United Church.

Please keep Claude Peyault in your prayers as he re-cooperates from surgery

Note: Pastoral Care is important. Please contact the church office if you are going into hospital or if you or a family member are needing Pastoral Care. Your name will not be in the bulletin unless we have permission from you to do so. We wish to offer Pastoral Care support  and at the same time respect your confidentiality.


Strathroy United Church sermons and music are uploaded weekly to YouTube.  Links to our YouTube sermons and music can be found on the Strathroy United Church website, face book pages or YouTube.  If you wish to have weekly links sent to you via e-mail, send your e-mail address to David Honsberger at rockets@webgate.net


Community Life Team

We collect food donations weekly for our grocery cart to be split between WRRC and the Salvation Army. Remember this ministry when you do your shopping.  Please help us help those in need. Thank you.


Ladies Parlor Group– Meet at the Golden Jubilee Room Monday, May 28th at 11:30. Brown Bag your lunch. Coffee and tea will be provided. Come with wise hints, sayings, readings or a useful tool that you use.  This should be an interesting, fun time.

Can the Deficit: Thank you to David and Gail Morton who sorted and re-bagged a shed full of cans this past week. Your time and efforts are much appreciated!!


Friendship Club

It’s another Red and White Day coming up on                   Wednesday, June 13!

          Yes, Friendship Club is having another Let’s Celebrate Canada picnic.  There will be a potluck meal followed by various games.  

          All events will be in the Golden Jubilee Room except for the croquet games.  

          We know everyone will be looking for a return of the bean bag baseball tournament!  Lots of fun and absolutely no skill required.

Please bring a favourite picnic food to share.

Ice cream cones will be provided.  We will be eating at 12:00, noon.

          If you have any questions or would like to help the Jolliffe’s and Clark’s, please call Art and Janet Clark at 519-245-8870.  










Date:      August 13-17, 2018

Time:              9:00 am till 12 noon

Theme:   “Everyday Superheroes,

Finding Strength with God.”

Hope to see you there!

Registration forms available.





NERF night!!!   MondayJune 18th

Strathroy United Church:


Youth grades 6-9. 6:30 – 8:30 pm-Action-packed NERF sessions played in the host church or location with different game modes. 


Strathroy UC Youth Group Friday,

June 22nd  from 7-9








Minister:                                  Rev. Dr. Abiel T. Khalema

minister@strathroyunitedchurch.ca          519-245-0276


Office Administrator:                                 Dianne Dixon

office@strathroyunitedchurch.ca               519-245-0276



Music Director:                                           Andy Cloutier



Child Youth Leader:                                Kaeleigh Berdan



Custodian:                                                  John Larocque


Webmaster:  www.strathroyunitedchurch.ca 

Debbie Porte                           Debbie.porte@hotmail.ca


Face Book Administrators: Tina Zimmermann and

                                            David Honsberger




Denning’s Strathroy Memorial Tree Service/Open House

On Sunday, May 27th, 2018 we will be hosting the community at the funeral home to celebrate this milestone, as well as benefit from your presence as

we support the families who will be participating in honouring their loved ones at the annual memorial tree service. Both will be held at the funeral home this year.





Jesus, Friend of Little Children


          Jesus, friend of little children,

      let me be one too;

      take my hand, and ever keep me

      close to you.


      Teach me how to grow in goodness,

      daily as I grow.

      You have been a child, and surely

      you must know.


      Never leave me, nor forsake me;

      ever be my friend;

      for I need you, from life’s dawning

      to its end.
















Strathroy United Church

May 27, 2018

Trinity Sunday and

Going Through the Gate


With Willing Hearts we

  Come into God’s Presence.