Worship in Sanctuary – Sunday, October 4th

Dear Friends,

Worship is in the sanctuary this Sunday, October 4th. Last week 30 people attended in person, and about 14 people watched the live stream. We have room for additional people in the sanctuary, but seating is still limited to the first 35 households (or max 50 people) to arrive. All others are asked to participate online with the Facebook live stream.

People attending worship are required to wear a mask and pass screening before entering the building. Screening includes people doing the following:

• take your temperature before leaving home (99.5F / 37.5C or less)

• line up for registration and screening at the Maria St entrance, keeping 2 metres apart from other households

• provide names, addresses, and phone numbers of everyone attending from your household (for possible contract tracing if outbreak)

• answer screening questions about travel outside of Canada, COVID-19 symptoms, contact with someone that has COVIC-19, and results of home temperature test

• hear warning that people vulnerable because of age or medical conditions of the risk of transmission and the provision of online worship.

Brad and Andy will offer a contemplative service from 9:30am to 10:00am while people are seated silently in the sanctuary. The regular worship service begins at 10:00am, lasting about 35-40 mins.

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