Lockdown instructions for roast beef dinner.

To comply with this recent provincial lockdown measures and enhance safety protocols, we’re changing how people pick up meals next Friday. (Reminder: all meals are pre-ordered only.) The roast beef dinner is takeout only using curbside pickup on Maria Street, similar to retail and restaurant service.

Please stay in your vehicles on Maria Street, and your dinner will be delivered to your car window. To comply with limits on outdoor gatherings, please limit (if possible) the number of people in your vehicle.

There are two pick up times available: 4:30pm and 5:30pm (as selected when you purchased your dinner). Please drive to the Maria Street entrance from North St. (Our kitchen staff is reduced by lockdown limits, so we’ll need need time between the first and second round of serving times.) We thank you for your patience as we manage the predicted delay and flow of vehicles.