Proposed Constitution

With changes to the 2021 edition of The Manual, Council is considering updates and changes to the Strathroy United Church Constitution. The proposals include:

  • Create a user-friendly format that is consistent for each section.
  • Clarify roles and support nominations process by including position descriptions for Chair, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-Chair, Past-Chair, Team Chairs.
  • Keep existing governance structure.
  • Update team responsibilities where needed.
  • Make explicit the Christian church’s five core ministries.

Below the draft proposal is a document explaining changes to each section (Click the download button to view). Council will consider these changes at the November and January meetings prior to bringing the proposal to the Congregational Annual Meeting. If you are interested in the Constitution and church governance or have questions about the proposed changes, you are welcome to attend these upcoming Council meetings. Or you can email questions to Brad.

Summary of changes.