You’ve heard me say that Strathroy United Church is a doorway into Strathroy-Caradoc community. Active participation in our congregation includes learning about — and responding to — community needs.

Similarly, Strathroy United Church is a doorway into learning about — and responding to — national and international needs. The United Church of Canada is people and congregations living from shore to shore to shore in Canada. Through our international interfaith partners, we are connected to the world.

What’s happening in BC? Here’s one example from a United Church member living in Chilliwack:

“I live in Chilliwack and I am in the process of inquiring about the well being of some of the United Church leadership in the area. One of my colleagues has probably been evacuated. Another colleague provided temporary housing for a stranded family. A veterinarian among us has reported that dairy farmers are having to throw out their milk as the roads are impassable and the milk can’t be collected. Feed for them is in short supply.”

What’s our United Church response to this disaster? We’re still assessing how to respond. We’re praying. We’re getting our wallets ready. United Church folk know how to be generous when crisis appeals are made. United Church leadership know how to coordinate with government officials and local grassroots organizations.

I believe passionately that congregations are resources for being God’s good news in the lives of hurting people. Belonging to — and actively participating in — Strathroy United Church is a faithful and effective way to make a difference in our community and the world.

Let’s get ready to make a difference along side other Canadians as we collectively mount a response to the crisis in BC.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Dr. Brad Morrison